LIGHTDIS Upper Room, Ultraviolet Air Disinfection Fixtures, reduce cross infections caused by airborne microorganisms. Their Air Disinfection efficacy, avoids tuberculosis infections among people up to an 80%, being effective against any airborne infectious agent: virus or bacteria (Coronavirus SARS-CoV, Influenza, Measles, Chickenpox, Pneumonia, MERS, Tuberculosis…) The use of LIGHTDIS Upper Room Fixtures is compatible with the presence of persons, disinfecting the Indoor Air up to Sterilization Level, without need to take people out of the room, or modify normal activity of facilities.

LIGHTDIS Upper Room Can Be Used in Any Place where People Gather. Hospitals, Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, Schools, Airports, Nursing Homes, Dental Clinics, Auditoriums, Supermarkets, Shopping Centers, Gyms….
Ask us. We Advice you about LIGHTDIS Upper Room Fixtures, and We Design the Protection of Your Facilities for a Guaranteed Air Disinfection Result.


Product HighLights

CE marked

Scientifically Proved Efficacy:

Avoids Airborne Infections + Max Disinfection Level (air Sterilization in seconds).

Low Maintenance:

Just needs clean and anual lamp replacement

Guaranteed Germicidal Efficacy:

Ultraviolet C Lamps of 254nm


For wall and ceiling mounting.


In presence of persons according to:

  • UNE 0068: Safety requirements for UV-C equipment used for room air disinfection and surfaces. Compliance
  • UNE EN 62471: Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems. Certified by ENAC Accredited Laboratory. Compliance
  • EU Directive 2006/25/CE Artificial Optical Radiation: Compliance

Durability & Lightness:

Aluminum built


Continuous air disinfection up to sterilization.


Very low energetic consumption.

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